Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Environment, Payame Noor university (PNU), P.O.Box 19395-4697, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Arak University, Arak 38156-8-8349, Iran


We could recorded Hotson’s Jerboa in Isfahan Province where is located in the central part of Iran. Totally five specimens of Allactaga hotsoni were captured in Isfahan province, which had not previously recorded in that province. Previously this species was reported fro,m the south of the Iran, Baluchistan province and later from Yazd and Khorasan Razavi provinces. Morphological and cranial measurement had showed no significant differences between these specimens and those reported by the other investigators. Investigation of habitat association of A. hotsoni in this new locality had been showed that bare soil percent cover and the presence of Hamada salicornica mostly affect its habitat use.


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