International Conference on Wildlife Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation (ICWEB 2021)

Dear community of wildlife and biodiversity,

As all know, biodiversity is a broad and complex term to understand the difference from the molecular level to the biosphere level. In addition to increased human activity, climate change constitutes a big problem for the ecosystems as their unique and valuable component in the world and biodiversity. Sustainability of these systems is becoming more critical conservation, and its integration with the management are the facts that come up with this challenge. A wide range of conservation approaches from traditional to contemporary methods was applied worldwide to reach success. It is recognized that effective conservation becomes by the participation of local communities, even for global strategies. Similarly, instead of “command and control” management, acceptable regional practices provide an advantage to applying adaptive management. However, first of all, approaches, it is crucial part is to fill data and information gaps to understand biodiversity components.

We are happy to announce the first International Conference on Wildlife Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation (ICWEB) by the Journal of Wildlife and Biodiversity. The conference will be held as virtual meetings from 17-21 June 2021. Selected papers will be published in the Journal of Wildlife and Biodiversity, which international peer-review journal indexed by ESCI, ICV (98.8).

Selected topics for Terrestrial and Aquatic ecosystems:

  • Terrestrial and aquatic (marine and freshwater) biodiversity
  • Evolutionary biology, phylogeny, and phylogeography
  • Ecosystem and community analyses
  • Biological and ecological interactions
  • Behavioral Biology and Ecology
  • Landscape ecology, habitat fragmentation, and restoration
  • Conservation, protected areas, and management
  • Theoretical and conceptual aspects of biodiversity, conservation, and managemen

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